Friday, January 22, 2016

oil spills :how it affects us!

oil spills are turning into a serious  problem for animals.this  pollution ,caused by human activity is hurting animals across the globe! make sure you try your best to not pollute the water to keep animals safe! comment below what you think  would be helpful to our world

Friday, January 15, 2016

tech buddies steps

step one view criteria
step two talk about presentation layout
step three decide layout
step four practice speech or play
step five present!

tech force project

Force project

A force is a push or a pull

There are four types of forces

1 gravity



And 4muscular


Gravity is a force that attracts any object or living thing to the center of the earth.

An example or gravity would be dropping a book on the ground or just simply holding your arm out for long periods of time. The results would be the book, landing with a thud on the ground and your arm getting tired from being held up against gravity.theese are examples of gravity because if there was no gravity, there would be very different reactions to both situations. The book, and in fact everything around it, would start to float and so would your arm and your whole space there is no gravity .that is why everything floats.


Electrostatic is the friction caused by positive and negative electrons attracting

An example of this would be you rubbing a balloon on your head or rubbing a sock on your carpet, the electricity would be absorbed inside the sock and on the balloon. The balloon when you let go will stick to your hair, and the sock would give you a shock when you touch it .these are both examples of electrostatic because ,if there was no static electricity, the balloon would just fall to the ground, and the sock would feel normal.


Magnetic is the force between magnets

An example of a magnetic force is like a magnet attracting a paperclip. When this happens, the paperclip sticks to the magnet. This is an example because if there was no magnetic force ,the paperclip wouldn’t be attracted to the magnets energy.

 4muscular muscular is a force that is caused physically

An example of this is like pushing someone on the swing or pumping up a ball.The results are the person going higher and higher on the swing, and the ball becoming bigger and bigger. These are  examples of muscular force because if there was no muscular energy, then the person on the swing would go nowhere, and the ball wouldn’t get much air in it

Wednesday, December 16, 2015


building  project reflection

1what skills did I need?:I needed to be creative, I needed to be able to know how to use technology and I needed to be able to think logically .

2what was I trying to do that didn't work ,how did that feel,:i was trying to knock over the big dominos with the little ones ,but I became more and more tired with every time I tried because there just wasn't enough weight.

3did I ever wanted to give up? why or why not?: I didn't want to give up despite how tired I was ,because I knew what I was doing wrong and when I didn't, I knew  that all I had to do was look at it from another angle

graphing project reflection

1what skills did I need for this:?  I needed to be able to cooperate with the rest of my group. I also needed to respect their ideas and thoughts on what we should do.

2how did the other stories help me with our own?:I think it really helped me understand the layout.

3what did I learn from the website and my own:? I learned that the graphing stories are a very good method of learning how to cooperate and use technology.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Official hub badge

I have designed a great hub badge that expresses our name very well,thanks hope you like it- Chloe

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The results are in !

Hey guys I thought about are name ideas and thought we should go with the Nutella maniacs simply because everyone thought it was a great idea in the comments😀if anyone has any more ideas or is not okay with my decision please reply in the comments thanks ,Chloe